Why October Half Term Presents a Good Opportunity to Sell your Home

News at Harry Charles | 20/10/2023

When selling your home, timing is a critical factor. Of course, we all know the housing market fluctuates from year to year, however at Harry Charles, we have learnt that the months within a year also play a significant role. Whether you are buying or selling, it is important to know how seasons affect the property market so you can make the best decision for your current or future home.

It is no secret that the property market seems to be far more active during the spring and early summer months, however Autumn provides a perfect window to prepare, October half term being a particularly good occasion.

It is a week of opportunity where you can spend time preparing your property to go on the market before the new year rush, and where you can also beat the chaos of the Christmas season. With the kids being off school, it generally means more time on your hands to be productive, as there are no school runs to carry out.

With the weather still being relatively mild, green foliage still being present to brighten up your garden and the clocks still being an hour forward, it presents more opportunities for an estate agent to get professional photos of your home looking its best.

However, despite the extra time, selling your home still presents a large task, with lots of different aspects to consider… Luckily with a good estate agent, the selling process can be made far less stressful. At Harry Charles, we provide a team of expert agents that are always willing to help at every opportunity and are first-hand witnesses to the rapidly changing property market, so you don’t have to do it alone.

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