What is important when selling your home

News at Harry Charles | 28/06/2021

When you are looking for a new home, what is the most important criteria? Is it price? Is it proximity to a train station? Is it outdoor space?

According to the biyearly Homebuyer Wishlist report released by Market Financial Solutions (MFS), 92% of those looking to buy a property consider access to a garden or outside space to be the most essential factor, with square footage (89%) coming in second.

Broadband connection (88%) is believed to be the third most important element, followed by the quality and finish of a property’s interior (85%), closeness to public spaces and parks (84%), and how built-up the local area is (79%).

A need for more space

Following over a year of lockdown, during which the a lot of people spent extensive periods of time indoors, property purchasing priorities have been revaluated. Being near a town or city, has slipped down the list from 4th to 11th, while access to transport links fell from 7th to 14th.

With a shift in numbers of people seeing remote working as a priority, people are requesting more space and the ability to use a garden as a must have on their lists.

The report also shows as well as making a home more desirable to live in, having plenty of floor space and being able to access a garden adds value to a property, so houses and flats with these features are regarded as strong investment opportunities.

The impact of coronavirus

The report shows that the pandemic has lead to two in five people (42%) saying that the coronavirus lockdowns inspired them to undertake at least one home improvement project, one in three (34%) said that the pandemic altered their perspective with regard to what is important when it comes to buying a house, while almost half (46%) said the pandemic has made them keen to move to a more spacious property.

While 64% of the younger 18-34 year old group said that the current housing market is too competitive, while two in five of the individuals surveyed said that there is currently a shortage of the type of property they would like to buy.

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