How to manage your energy usage in the kitchen

News at Harry Charles | 02/09/2022

Managing your energy usage is top of the agenda at this time, so the team at Harry Charles Estate Agents have consulted with our energy saving experts to give you some useful advice on how to limit your usage of energy in the kitchen.

Fridges and Freezers:

Fridges and freezers are one of the most energy consuming appliances in the kitchen consuming up to 12% of the average household energy bill.  Make sure your appliance is efficient by defrosting the freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently. 1 cm of ice can reduce the efficiency of your freezer by 10% so don’t let ice build-up.


Ovens are also high energy consumers, switching to slow cook ovens, air dryers and microwaves will significantly reduce your bill.  When you do use your oven make sure it is clean, as a dirty oven uses more energy than a clean one.  

Electric Hobs:

When you use your electric hob make sure you use the correct size saucepan on the hob for the correct size ring, this will prevent wasted energy.  And again, ensure it is clean to ensure it’s efficiency.


Boiling water in the kettle can be costly, be mindful with how much water you really need to save on electricity and help save water too

For more energy saving advice, please call our property management team at Harry Charles on 01923 731313