How To Keep Your Property Safe

News at Harry Charles | 15/10/2020

As part of our Fully Management package for Landlords, we offer tenants security advice during our inspection reports.  This helps to keep the tenants and property secure, giving everyone peace of mind.

Keep yourself secure by following our top pieces of advice:

  • Do not leave keys hanging on hooks by or near the door of a property. This makes them visible to potential thieves and may make them accessible through the letterbox or a window pane
  • Make sure Chubb locks are bolted securely at night or when you go out especially when you are on the school run. Keep your keys to hand in a safe place and never leave them hanging in a lock if they might be accessed by burglars.
  • Make sure all windows are closed when leaving the property. Windows are a popular entry point for Burglars, don’t invite them in by leaving them open!
  • Put your lamps on timers. Burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight, so buy inexpensive timers so that the property looks occupied of an evening, even when you are out!
  • Don’t forget sheds and garages! Always ensure these buildings are secured to avoid their contents going missing.
  • Lock down your Wi-Fi – Always have a password to protect outsiders accessing your Wi-Fi - Your home wireless network is a doorway to your personal and financial information.
  • It is a good idea to not post on Social media if you are planning on being away, this is an advert to potential burglars, letting them know the property is vacant!

Remember small steps make a big difference. Stay safe.