How to Bleed your Radiators

News at Harry Charles | 25/01/2024

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, most people look forward to enjoying a warm home, therefore it is imperative to keep radiators in good working order. A common issue that arises with radiators, is the need to bleed them, a simple task that can be done within a short period of time but has lasting and very helpful effects. 

Bleeding a radiator is essentially releasing trapped air that has built up in the system over a long period of time. A good sign your radiator needs bleeding is if it is there is a cold patch, or it is taking a long while to heat up. If that is the case, follow these five simple steps and you will have a warm home in no time at all. 

1.      Make sure your heating is turned off and the system has had time to cool down. 

2.      Take an old towel or cloth and a jug and place them both underneath the radiators bleed valve. 

3.      Insert the bleed key into the valve or a screwdriver if you don’t have one, and gently turn it anti-clockwise. 

4.      As the air escapes, you will hear a hissing noise – when the water starts coming out, that is when you should close the valve. Please note radiator water can be a dirty brown colour, so ensure you have the cloth ready to absorb the water before you turn it off.  

5.      Turn the heating on, and check that the radiators are heating up accordingly. 

If you do this on a regular basis, your radiators will be more efficient and keep your home warmer.  

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