Home Improvement Trends 2022

News at Harry Charles | 10/01/2022

‘Your home is your castle’ has never been more apt saying and making the most of your home in 2022 is incredibly important.  The Interiors Team at Harry Charles Estate Agents have compiled the latest trends to help you customise your living areas from a visual and practical angle to make it the dream space to live, work and enjoy.

Home design trends in 2022 are about creating spaces you and your family need. From amazing outdoor living areas to home theatres to private home offices, getting the most functional benefits for the way you live.

The Hot Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many so creating an effective working areas is one of the most important rooms in your home. So instead of making do with recreating an office in your lounge or kids play room, now’s the time to create something bespoke.

Look to create a new home addition or remodel a room so you look forward to working in there each day.  Convert an unused dining room, a formal living area or create a new area in the house.

Create a theme for the furniture so the room flows, ensure the materials all link from similar woods, metals or glass and bring in shelving and drawers so you can ensure a minimalist look to the room when you are not working.  Bring in hot bold colours to get your creative juices following. Motivational pictures and inspirational statements will help to drive your working mentality too.

Reintroducing Family Rooms

The family room is a place for everyone in your house to gather, entertain friends, and make family memories. These days, family rooms have become classrooms, movie theaters, offices, and game rooms. If you’re in need of more space to kick back as a family, let us help you create it.

We can add additions or remodel existing space to make it function better for your family. From opening up walls to repurposing unused rooms, we can make the most of the square footage you have. We can also create a beautiful family room addition that will give you all the space you need to entertain, learn, work, and enjoy time as a family.

Bring the Spa into your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary. After a long day at work, with kids, and everything else you have going on, your bathroom should feel like a spa retreat.

While spending money on a bathroom has always been a good investment, now is the time to create a sanctuary in this room. Add larger tubs, spa-like steam showers, and heated floors that will give you a little taste of luxury every day.

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day. Spending money here will always be money well spent. When you want to sell your property, you’ll always see a great return on any money you spend in your master bathroom.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Your home is a place for your family to reconnect and make memories, and also to have their own space. Create a multi-purpose or recreation room that serves several different purposes.  Transform family rooms, attics, dining rooms or outdoor spaces into different zones with different purposes. Create a home office by day and a film room by night with mini fridges, pop corn makers and comfy chairs.

Other ideas could be from a study to library and gin room, craft room, playroom with decks for dancing with friends at night.

Home Gym

As it becomes harder to work out in a gym, why not create a beautiful home gym, for space for pilates, yoga, weightlifting or online fitness classes.  Transform an area in your attic, basement, spare room or space in your master bedroom. Use large mirrors, water station, towels area and mats to help bring a home gym feel.

Entertainment Space

As it is harder to join friends outdoors why not create an incredible kitchen for entertaining friends.  Trends are for multiple ovens, prep spaces, sinks, and drinks stations.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. When you’re entertaining you want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed. A beautiful kitchen with a great indoor and outdoor entertainment space will give everyone a place to gather. Bring comfy furnishings into the kitchen from rugs, throws, cushions, sheep skins etc.

2022 is all about the home and family, so make the most of your living spaces so you can enjoy them as a family, and when you are looking to move on, your property will be in a good place to maximise the price of your sale.

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