Guide to selling your home with pets

News at Harry Charles | 09/06/2023

Worried your family pet will stop you from achieving top selling price for your property! Follow our guide to ensure potential buyers aren't discouraged by your furry friend.

A whopping 62% of British households have a pet, so you would be forgiven for assuming buyers wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the prospect of viewing a property where a furry or feathered friend resides.  But many property seekers are put off when they visit a home where there are obvious signs and smells of pets.

The reasons for this aversion to animals can vary; a buyer may have an allergy, have had a bad experience in the past, or love their own animals, just not other people’s.

Whatever the reason, it is very important to us at Harry Charles that we showcase your property with the means to receive as many offers as possible, and first impressions are imperative when it comes to selling your home:

Here are some tips we have learnt in order to make your property as presentable as possible:

  • Give your home a deep clean to remove dirt, paw prints and animal hair; this will hopefully reduce pet odours, too. While your home is on the market, being vigilant with your cleaning is a perfect way to encourage first time viewers to make an offer. There are some great inexpensive pet cleaning products on the market (see below).
  • Repair any damage caused by your pets, such as chewed or scratched woodwork, dirty skirting boards or holes dug in the garden.
  • Ensure all pet toys, bedding, litter trays, crates and food bowls are out of sight when the marketing photographs are taken.
  • If there are pet items that you can’t hide from view, at least ensure they’re neatly organised.
  • Devise a plan for managing viewings because, ideally, you don’t want your pets at home when buyers turn up. Arrange for your pets to stay with a friend or pet sitter or lodge at a kennel or cattery while open days and viewings occur.

In a nut shell - on the day of a viewing

  • Transport your pet to wherever they’ll be staying for the day.
  • Minimise signs of pet life from display.
  • Light a few scented candles to mask any pet odours.
  • Check the back garden to make sure there are no droppings.
  • We have found that these products linked below have proven to be very effective with tackling any bad smells:

·         Febreze Fabric Freshener Spray Classic 500ml | Sainsbury's (

·         Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odour Remover | Enzymatic Cleaner with 3X Pro-Bacteria Cleaning Power - 945ml : Pet Supplies


For more advice about presenting your home for sale, contact our team here at Harry Charles Estate Agents who will be happy to talk through our selling tips on 01923 731313

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