Expert lighting tricks to make selling your home easier!

News at Harry Charles | 05/04/2021

Expert lighting tricks to make selling your home easier

Here's how to use natural light to your advantage for a house sale.

What's the one (free) thing which makes selling your home easier? Natural light, of course.

Interior designers will always tell you that lighting is the most important element of designing a room, and it's also the one crucial factor which should not be overlooked when selling your property.

It goes without saying but if you have an abundance of natural light in your home then definitely make the most of it. While a house price is not likely to be affected by natural light, its value could be impacted by the direction in which a property faces, i.e. sun-filled south-facing gardens, according to research from Rightmove – but good natural lighting will almost certainly impact saleability.

With virtual tours now commonplace, and often used as the first port of call before arranging an in-person viewing, ensuring you film at the best time of the day for natural sunlight will help to showcase your property in the best way possible.

Unfortunately, we don't all live in properties which are flooded with natural light, but that's where artificial lighting comes in, so a layered lighting approach is key.

'White lightbulbs, as opposed to warm lightbulbs are always recommended, as are open shades,' reveals Mike Fitzgerald, Executive Chairman at Coulters Property. 'Opening all blinds and curtains while turning on all lights is always a good idea for both your photoshoot and each viewing. Finally, there is always the trick of arranging your viewings at the optimum time of the day for maximum natural sunlight, if at all possible.'


According to the experts at Smart Lighting Industries, you should use 'as many linear lights as possible' to achieve a natural light look in a dark room. 'Light position is an essential factor, and a combination of angles and directions will help achieve the best natural light effect, especially in rooms which might not get natural sunlight throughout the day,' they explain.

To really wow potential homeowners, demonstrate smart lighting throughout the home. 'If you can walk them through your home (even virtually) and show off how easy to control the lighting is this will really add to the wow factor of your home, especially if they haven't got smart lighting in their current home,' suggest Smart Lighting Industries.

And if you haven't kitted out your home with smart lighting then it's definitely a feature worth investing in. As Mike Fitzgerald puts it: 'The difference that good lighting can make to your sale will almost always far exceed the cost of investing in improving the amount and type of light within your property.'


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